Modularity through extensions.

The "pluggability" feature of WManager is a key factor of success for the whole WManager ecosystem. Let's see why.


Extensions are pluggable modules that can be added to WManager.
Having the possibility do add extensions is a key feature for the following reasons:

  • Time-to-market: you don't need to reinvent the wheel. Existing plugins may match your needs and hence save time and money.
  • Governance: WManager implements the pluggability feature using a strict HMVC (Hierarchical Model View Controller) which is a well known standard of skilled PHP developers;
  •  Business opportunities: everything you or your developers do can be packaged as a resusable plugin. This turns out to be a business opportunity both in terms of visibility and revenues (because extensions can be chargeable).

The extensions repository is now under development and will be available on Feb. 2018.
If you wish to have list of available extensions, deliver new ones or contribute in the development feel free to contact us.